Hole in One!

20 07 2011

Former NHL player Joe Sakic sunk this pretty hole-in-one on the 17th hole at the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship which happened to win him $1 million from the tournament sponsor.


Team RV

1 07 2011

Team RV, the world’s largest air show team, was kind enough to take our own Brandon McAfee up for a flight in which 10 planes flew in formation and did a little bit of chase up in the air. Needless to say, the flight made Brandon’s weekend!

Check out their website at teamrv.us

Vote for Cherryland Humane Society

9 06 2011

Click on this site, and type in Cherryland Humane Society, hit search, and VOTE! Winning shelter will receive $5,000.

GO TO theanimalrescuesite.com

Dr. Robert Steele

8 06 2011

Dr. Rob Steele dropped by today to discuss his political aspirations.

Check out robsteeleforcongress.com

Peter Konetchy

6 06 2011

We spoke we Peter Konetchy today who is running for US Senate.

Visit his website at peterkonetchy.com

Send A Scout To Camp

1 06 2011

Thursday June 2nd is the annual WTCM Send Every Scout to Camp Radio Fundraiser. Between 7am – noon we’ll be talking with Scouts and former Scouts who have benefited from their time at Camp Greilick. Our goal is to make sure every Scout in the northern region can attend the camp. Money raised through our on-air fundraiser goes toward “camper-ships,” which help those families who cannot afford the full camp fees. No Scout gets a free ride! Families in need will receive help with the fees, but must raise the rest of the money.

You can pledge a contribution during our broadcast Thursday morning, or donate on line at the Scenic Trails Council website here: http://www.stcbsa.org/main/portal.php

We’ll read the names of all donors, individuals and businesses, on the air. You can make a pledge in the name of a former or current Scout, or any supporter of the Scouts.

Kiwanis Internet Auction

23 05 2011

We spoke with Fred Tank about the Kiwanis Internet Auction, which ends tomorrow. Take a look at the items and bid, bid, bid.

Go to http://theauctionworks.org/KiwanisTC/ or simply click the pic