Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association of Michigan

16 03 2011

Today we spoke with Jerry ‘Rocky’ Stone, who is the Michigan Chapter Commander of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association. Rocky is a Vietnam Vet with multiple Purple Heart Awards among others and the CVMA helps assist vets with combat experience only.

The club website is and anyone interested in assisting or participating can contact Rep Tim Wellman at 906-466-2997




2 responses

21 03 2011

Would like to ask Rocky or someone in this Combat Veteran Motorcycle Association about the problem in the Rhode Island CVMA Chapter 9-1 where the state rep there with the help of the National BOD denied a Vietnam combat vet membership, threw out a disabled (deceased) Vietnam era vet and 4 Vietnam Vets who were full members for asking why their brother was denied. Would like to ask about the missing funds in which a National BOD member was terminated from the CVMA.

9 05 2011

Heard all about that missing money (approx $20,000) that the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association was meant to go to Fisher House. Is this what they mean when they say Veterans helping Veterans? Also heard about the Vietnam veterans bering disrespected in the R.I. CVMA. Most in the R.I. CVMA 9-1 ever went beyond the wire and they claim to be combat veterans. Who are they to judge and single out legitimate combat veterans when they wear a patch on their back claiming something they are not?

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